At Osprey Developments, we are dedicated to creating innovative, modern developments; empowering like-minded people with the opportunity to build the home of their dreams.

About Us

The 5 Pillars Of Osprey

Whether you choose the Custom Build or Self Build route, our team will apply the same dedication and passion to making your project a success.

Our core values guide our work, helping us to produce the best possible results – every time.

Environmental Focus

We are driven to produce the most efficient, sustainable developments possible, using the latest technology to create savings in CO2 emissions and your utility bills.


We seek to create an environment oriented towards the idea of family, with integrated, personal spaces that turn your house into a true home.

Material First

Our Material First approach guides us in creating the best possible quality to exceed your expectations for years to come.


Like an Osprey, we are most at home in the blue skies – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to create a unique solution tailored to meet your every need.


We believe that three heads are always better than two, drawing on the expertise of our entire organisation every step of the way.

Osprey Developments logo, an Osprey bird mid flight.

Like An Osprey

Widely respected as an icon of natural power, vision, and integrity, the Osprey guides every aspect of our work at Osprey Developments: whether negotiating with planners for the best possible outcome for our partners, or looking ahead to create the smoothest, most efficient pathways to actions in our developments, the Osprey is an integral part of our team’s identity.

The most significant characteristic of the Osprey is that it is almost unique in that it lives nearly worldwide. We seek to emulate this, drawing on our team’s diverse and wide-ranging experience and expertise to create homes that are innovative and top-quality from every perspective.

No matter your degree of involvement with the Osprey team, we promise to embody these values to the best of our ability, working with you to create your dream home.

The Team

A seasoned Chartered Civil Engineer with an international career and vast experience in building and construction management. A passion for quality and leading technologies, with distinctive quality high on the agenda.


Managing Director

A key team player, Marianne is integral in supporting Osprey’s frontline team. Outside of work, Marianne loves spending time with family, from elderly through to tiny – creating, baking, playing, and having fun!



A sports fanatic with a strong technical background, a Chartered Construction Manager and member of The Chartered Instutude Of Building (CIOB).


Operations Director

Sarah has spent 7 years as a Financial Director of a South African based Logistics Management Company, and is now moving home to the UK to take on new challenges. Sarah also has experience with own self build properties in the vast South African self build market. In her home life, Sarah is a very passionate and devoted mother of four girls.


Financial Director

Highly skilled and experienced in project co-ordination following a career in the construction and health industries, Rebecca enjoys a variety of sports, reading, and being with family.


Project Coordinator

A disciple of the UN’s Sustainable Development Program, Todd has been recognised nationally by the ICAEW for his aptitude in business management and strategy, and brings a passion for detail, quality, and efficiency to the team.


Company Secretary

Interior and Architectural Designer working both internationally and in the UK. A team member for 6 years, she loves helping clients achieve their dream home, and finding the best possible layout for their budget. Clean lines and innovative solutions with creative thinking are key aspects of Catherine’s practice.


Design Lead

With a strong passion for modern design and technologies, Tommy supports Osprey’s operations and design teams, producing design visuals and refining ideas with attention to the finer details.


Junior Designer